Film Prize, I love you...

LA Film Prize, I think I love you…

Film Prize, I love you. There, I said it, and I it feels pretty good. It’s hard to describe how much I’m enamored with the Film Prize and all that has come from it. While I feel like I’ve certainly done worthy things in my life (I have a wonderful wife and two kickass kids who […]

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Why Do We Drink Tequila in the Prize Family?

or “¿Por qué beber tequila en la Familia Prize?” by Sabrina Adsit When Gregory came to us and proposed these blog posts, I knew I had better start brainstorming the perfect topics. And, in good ol’ Louisiana Film Prize fashion, I thought, “What’s a good idea if it didn’t spawn from a late night driven […]

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Location, Location: Call Us to Unlock Northwest Louisiana’s Vast Array of Filming Spots

As people begin to descend on Northwest Louisiana, some of our favorite phone calls are about finding locations. Restaurants, streets, parks, homes, commercial and industrial property, landscapes, studios, stages, and more. Shreveport-Bossier and the surrounding Louisiana Film Prize-approved parishes (what counties are called in Louisiana) are packed full of great shooting locations and over the […]

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