Gregory Kallenberg

Executive Director

Kallenberg has consciously decided not to climb the world’s seven highest peaks, been detained for protesting non-alcoholic tequila and is the founder of Louisiana Film Prize. He moved to Shreveport, LA from Austin, TX to make his last film “Haynesville.” Gregory not only decided to make Shreveport, LA his home, more importantly, he has taken on the task of building an indigenous film community in northwest Louisiana. To the Film Prize, Kallenberg is caring mother, stern father, needy uncle and eccentric aunt. Prior to filmmaking, he wrote for Esquire, The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Austin American Statesman’s XL magazine and other publications. Kallenberg attended the University of Texas and received a Bachelor of Science in film. Kallenberg also attended the film program at the University of Southern California.  Prior to his breakout documentary Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt for an Energy Future, Gregory directed Eating Levi, an internationally successful film about Levi Oliver and his quest for competitive eating fame.

Sabrina Adsit

Sponsor Liaison

Sabrina is your sponsor representative. If you want to support the LAFP with a charitable donation or in-kind services, she’s the one to talk to. Learn about all the benefits of sponsorship by calling her today! 

Sabrina, is known by locals as HURRICANE. After being banned from NYC for instigating a flash mob-styled base jump off of the empire state building, she moved to Shreveport and specializes in event logistics and production.

Chris Lyon

Filmmaker Liaison

Chris will help you find cast, crew, locations, facilitate communication with the local film office and be the filmmaker liaison for the Louisiana Film Prize. If you’re a filmmaker and have a question about the LAFP, call Chris and he’ll get you back on track. Chris is a filmmaker and editor living in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has edited and produced several short films, features, and television shows. He enjoys nursing a whiskey neat while chatting up friendly faces at the local tavern.

Ian Summers

Festival Badass

Ian has many interests, has traveled many places in the world, and loves watching movies of all kinds- thus a natural for our Louisiana Film Prize festival team.  Ian keeps the office running smoothly and is probably the voice you hear on the other end of your phone when you call the office….no artistic temperament here – a well- grounded guy who loves history and can answer a wide variety of questions about Shreveport and Northwest Louisiana.Team LA Film Prize note: Please disregard Young Ian’s gentle “nice guy” tone. This is no teddy bear. This man is pure hungry, pissed off grizzly bear. You’ve been forewarned.

Jeremy Johnson

Graphic Ninja

We kidnapped Jeremy (of Toomasooba fame) when he passed out at a local bar. He woke up chained to a table with a case of Red Bull in front of him. Seventy-two sleepless hours later, Jeremy’s spirit was broken and he willingly accepted the VIVA LA FILM PRIZE tattoo. To show his mettle, he put his Film Prize mark in a particularly compromising place (you’ll have to ask him where). Now, Jeremy handles a lot of our graphic design needs and can handle a grappling hook like nobody’s business. We’re very lucky to have in our band.

Emily Smith

Intern Extraordinaire

Emily just recently finished learning how to help people have magical days at Disney World in Florida. She has a passion for marketing, non-profits, and dinosaurs – which is just fine with us. If you call the film prize office, she’ll probably be the first person to greet youe. Go ahead, just give it a try.

Viraj “VJ” Ghandi

Intern Inconceivable!

Viraj is an actor who has some down time before moving on to school in the fall. He’s fond of playing new music every day on my computer and leaving it on. But it’s frackin’ good music, so he gets a pass.