5ive Courses

Genre: Comedy


5ive Course is a short film about Ross and Beth going on their 2 year anniversary date. Beth winds up breaking up with Ross at the very beginning of dinner, and Ross winds up going through all 5 stages of grief, one at every course of their 5 course dinner.

Directed By: Christopher A. Raines
Produced By: Candace C. McGowen and Christopher A. Raines
Written By: Duane P. Craig
Original Score By: Kasheen Francois

Starring: Dennis Phillipi, Candace C. McGowen

Director's Bio:

Christopher A. Raines has always loved the creative side of art, especially film. His passion to pursue film making stated two years ago, when he was invited to watch his nephew participate in his first 48 Hour Film Project. He knew this is something he wanted to do. He directed his very first film in May of 2012, Inner Child. And since then, has directed 4 other short projects and a Doritos’s commercial. Along with his production partner, Candace C. McGowen, they run Raines Down Productions in Memphis, TN.

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