Last Call

Genre: Found Footage


In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, a rag-tag documentary crew follows the lives of an elderly couple; the only two that did not abandon their homes, or each other. Is love really the key to survival when hope is not enough?

Directed By: Stephen Kinigopoulos
Produced By: Sam Cespedes, Ryan Clyde Mac, Meg Dudley, Jason Allen
Cinematography By: Tim Bird

Starring: Johnny McPhail, Josette Barchilon, Susan Schwam McPhail, Ryan "Clyde" Mac, Chad Naremore, Alex Nystrom, Ashley McPhail, Malcolm Dowley, Sam Morse, Liz Stillwell

Director's Bio:

Stephen Kinigopoulos is a 24 year-old filmmaker from the land of the far north, Maryland. An alumni of Full Sail University, Stephen has found his home in New Orleans, Louisiana for the past few years. He is currently working with Little To N.O. Budget Films, who comprised of Sam Cespedes, Meg Dudley, and Ryan Mac, are the driving forces behind Last Call. Little to N.O. Budget Films is a small New Orleans based film production company that works with more than 30 diverse filmmakers to create progressive and independent

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