Red River Ode

Genre: Drama


Set in the summer of 1918, a lone prisoner escaped from the chain gang finds solitude in the forest away from his captors, using the wood as cover as long as he can until he realizes all is not as it seems past the edge of the trees.

Directed By: Corey Hammett & JC Doler
Produced By: Trevor Norred
Written By: Corey Hammett & JC Doler

Starring: Ashton Ron Gabriel, Andrew Lewis, William M. Cantrell, Corey Hammett, JC Doler

Director's Bio:

JC Doler was born in Newnan, Georgia in 1988. Growing up he established himself as an artist on multiple mediums. After the film industry in Georgia grew exponentially in 2006, he jumped on the bandwagon by taking Extra role after Extra role in order to get his foot in the door. An independent film called "The Fat Boy Chronicles" gave him the on-set experience he was looking for in 2009 and he moved up from there. Since then he has written a few short films and directed and starred in a feature, "The Zombie Vlogs," of which he also created the special effects and make-up. He has since created a successful YouTube Comedy channel and is working hard at becoming a feature filmmaker.

Corey Hammett was born in 1992 in LaGrange, GA and has been an artist and writer since he was a child. Passionate about film since he was young, Corey started blending it with his love for writing in 2011 with his first screenplay, “The Fellows of 7th Street,” which is still in pre-production. Since then he has been working on multiple film and screenplay ideas.

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