Silo (Grand Prize Winner)

Genre: Drama


“Silo” is a story woven in both the past and present, about how just as easily two people can come together, they can be pulled apart. It’s a story about holding on, letting go, and how the pressures of the world and our own mind can shape our lives.

Directed By: Kyle Clements
Produced By: Kyle Clements & Samuel Macaluso
Written By: Kyle Clements
Cinematography By: Samuel Macaluso
Original Score By: Stephen Benitez

Starring: Kyle Clements, Ashton Leigh, Katie Walker, Stan McDonald, Robby Robertson, Ashley Clark, Kent Jude Bernard

Director's Bio:

Kyle is a New Orleans based actor and filmmaker with almost 10 years experience in the industry. You can catch him in '2 Guns', in theaters August 2nd, and 'Ender's Game', in theaters November 1st. When he's not honing his craft or writing, he seeks a life rich in experience. Travel, music, and soaking up the love of his friends and family are just a few of his favorite things. Kyle is always up for a challenge, from playing college football to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, to competing in the Worlds Best Short Film Competition, heʼs always looking to step out of his comfort zone and see what heʼs really made of.

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