What did filmmakers have to go through in order to qualify for the Louisiana Film Prize? Here are the official rules of entry.

Third Time’s A Charm

We believe in the power of film, and that the filmmaker is king. Last year we gave one talented filmmaker $50,000 for their short film. The festival was gritty, fun, and a knockdown, drag-out blast… and we’re doing it all over again in 2014.

How to Get Started

1) Register your film and pay the submission fee at The entry fee is $50 per film. Teams may register and submit as many films as they desire. The registration form will collect information about the film, including title, genre, director, producers, or team name. Alternatively, you can submit a physical form and payment at one of our Official LAFP Check-In Stations (see list below). You may register any time during the shooting window (January 14-July 8).

2) Upon arrival in the Northwest Louisiana area, and BEFORE you shoot your film you must check in at an official LAFP “Check In” station (see list below). If you filled out your form and paid online, have a copy of your registration and proof of payment as we will not be able to look up your info on the spot. You and a LAFP official will sign your registration form to validate the beginning date of your production. We will keep the signed form and proof of payment on file.

3) You’re ready to start filming. Principal photography must stop by the day of the rough cut deadline (Tuesday, July 8, 2014). Production can only begin after you have been officially registered and have checked in at an official Louisiana Film Prize Check-in Station. Teams may bring in talent, equipment, and crew from anywhere, but are encouraged to use local resources, including talent agencies, crew, rental facilities and studio spaces. Special offers made available by offices, studios and rental facilities are available on a first come first served basis. Good luck! Have fun. Create an awesome film. We look forward to seeing you on October 3rd for Louisiana Film Prize Weekend.
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Official LAFP Check-In Stations

Robinson Film Center
617 Texas Street, Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 459-4122
Hours: 11:00am to 9:00pm, Sunday-Saturday (7 days)
Note: The Robinson Film Center is unable to accept checks.

Louisiana Film Prize Office
401 Market Street, Suite 860, Shreveport, LA 71101
(318) 213-6437
Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday

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Official Rules

The One Major Unbreakable Rule
All production (principle photography) must be shot in the Shreveport-Bossier area. In order to be considered for the Louisiana Film Prize’s cash award of $50,000, you must be able to prove production was shot in the area. All post-production, music and effects may be executed elsewhere. For a list of places considered “near” Shreveport-Bossier City, see the map below.

Note: A MINIMAL number of pickup or establishing shots can be performed elsewhere – say your film is set in New Orleans and you need an establishing shot of Frenchman Street. These shots should be listed on a separate document on your Qualification Disc. If you have questions about what is allowed, PLEASE contact us.

LAFP is a short film competition, open to independent filmmakers of any nationality. Works will be considered for competition only if they have a total running time of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 15 minutes including all titles and credits. Credits should be quick and respectful of audience members (and crew) and may be no longer than 30 seconds. The festival committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project. Only live-action, narrative films are eligible (all genres). For the Louisiana Film Prize 2014, documentary and animation will not be accepted.

All qualified entries must be independently produced and financed. Films produced, financed or developed by a major film studio or television network are ineligible for competition.

All entries must be filmed in the Shreveport-Bossier area (including Caddo, Bossier, Webster, DeSoto, Bienville, Claiborne and/or Red River Parishes, La.). Films must register with an official Louisiana Film Prize check-in station prior to the commencement of photography.


Directors wishing to participate must submit a completed application form along with the registration fee of $50. Submission fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Films may change their names, but the original title turned in on the registration form should accompany all materials through the selection process along with the new title so that we are able to associate your production with the proper registration form and application fee. If a film is disbanded or not completed, a refund or transfer of application fees will not be permitted – a new registration form and fee must accompany the new film.

It is the director’s responsibility to obtain release forms, liability or other insurance, and other customary permits, permissions and protections as required by any individual, company, or municipality in which your film is in partnership. Teams are responsible for complying with all federal, state, and city regulations, including permitting; in most cases permits can be obtained through Shreveport and/or Bossier City film offices. We note that shooting on public property requires production insurance. The Louisiana Film Prize does not require any of these items by default, but we do expect that you comply with those who do for the safety of your film team. The Louisiana Film Prize is not legally responsible for the production of your film.

While in production, contact with the director and other people involved in the production may be made at any time by LAFP representatives. We reserve the right to visit the set of any production. Some of these visits might be for location verification, creation of promotional videos for the festival, or just welcoming you to the area with warm doughnuts.

You must have the rights to all materials appearing in your film, visual or auditory. If there is a question about rights to media seen in your film, you will be asked to present the license agreement or provide evidence of original composition. This extends to featured logos, music, and video elements like television content that might appear as a part of a scene in your film.

The director should be the only point of contact the production with the offices of the Louisiana Film Prize. All decisions, questions, or issues will be communicated to the director only. From there, the director may disseminate any pertinent information. This is to avoid confusion and prevent multiple calls about the same issue.

All films that are accepted as the twenty finalists MUST PREMIERE their films as a part of the Louisiana Film Prize Weekend October 3-5 at official venues. This excludes trailers, clips, and like promotional efforts which may begin at any point after the commencement of the filming period each year.

We encourage all filmmakers to share a schedule with us, though it is not required, so that we can, at our discretion and availability, visit sets to welcome you to the Film Prize family. Schedules may be emailed to
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Rough Cut Submission: Film

The deadline for submission of rough cuts is July 8th, 2014 at 11:59pm. That’s midnight on the night of the 8th. A “rough cut” may be as unfinished (or finished) as you would like it to be. You may include a short card at the beginning of your film summarizing what is incomplete (i.e., “Unfinished sound design” or “Unfinished visual effects”) Any submission arriving after midnight will not be accepted under any circumstances. Thus, we encourage you to have your disc burned and prepared to turn in advance in case technical problems arise.

Films should be submitted on DVD-Video disc (preferably DVD-R, not DVD+R) without menus or artwork and must be playable on any standard DVD player. We suggest that once you burn your DVD, that you try it on a few players yourself, as DVDs that cannot be played on the LAFP DVD player will be disqualified. Send the DVD to the submission address:

Louisiana Film Prize Submissions
401 Market Street, Box 128
Shreveport, LA 71101

Do not include any artwork with on your submission, including DVD insert label or DVD-disc artwork. Information on the disc should appear as follows:

Title of Film
TRT: X minutes, X seconds
Team Name or Production Company: XXXXXXX

Receipt of your entry will be acknowledged by email to the address listed on your entry form. It may take up to 48 hours to send your confirmation. If you wait until the deadline date (July 9), it will take longer to process because most of the films come at that time. You could help us out by sending it earlier.
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Rough Cut Submission: Qualification Disc (or Book)

To qualify to be a finalist for the LAFP, each production must create a “LAFP Qualification Disc.” This disc is a digital data disc (compatible with Mac and PC) with proof of your production shooting in the defined areas for the contest within the shooting period. It must be presented at the same time as your film by (July 8th) and must be approved by the LAFP staff before a film can qualify as a finalist. Do not send the film and qualification disc separately. If we think we need more from you, we’ll ask. If you need, you can submit this item as a binder, but we prefer a disc.
If you do choose a binder, please don’t give us loose paper. Any physical materials should be bound inside a book or binder. If you shake it and things fall out, that’s bad for us as we have many, many films to manage.

Contents of the disc, which should be a separate disc from your film submission, should include (but not be restricted to) things like copies of shooting permits for your locations, receipts from your production from local businesses or services to establish presence in the area and time, location releases, photos and/or videos showing your team on location. Each group of items should have its own folder. For example, receipts should all be placed in one folder, photos in another, etc. No specific items are required but you should include as much as possible. Items that do not help us are: Actor contracts, union paperwork, call sheets. The evidence is mostly about establishing WHERE you filmed and WHEN, not who was there. Presence of an LAFP staff member on set does not qualify as proof. As a suggestion, photographs should be identifiable as area locations such as the front of a house, an intersection, or outside of a studio location.

Failure to produce a Qualification Disc (or Book) will disqualify a production from being a finalist. Do not send original copies of receipts, as your Qualification Disc (or Book) will not be returned to you.

Qualification Discs should also include the following materials:
- Film description (50 words or less)
- Main production credits (director, writer, producer, composer, and main cast)
- Director’s headshot (digital, 4×6 portrait 300 dpi)
- Movie poster (27”x40” portrait 300dpi in PDF, TIFF, or JPEG format)
- Short director’s bio
- Five (5) stills from the film (no watermarks, digital at full resolution).
- A list of any pickup or establishing shots not performed in the Shooting Zone. If you have a question about what is allowed PLEASE contact us.

Do not include any text or image watermarks on any materials. If you are selected to be a Top 20 finalist, you will have the chance to edit and resubmit this information/artwork before the festival.

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Final Film Submission (Top 20 Only)

Teams can continue editing their films after the rough-cut deadline while the Top 20 films are picked. Final selections will be announced by Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Finalists will be notified during the announcement on the official LAFP website and, with any luck with technology, on a live online video broadcast..

Each of the twenty teams selected as finalists will receive a $500 award. That prize will be sent to the address on your submission form (this should be the director’s), unless otherwise specified by the entrant upon notification of becoming a finalist. A W9 tax form from the receiving party must be submitted before the check can be made. Preferably, one would have a W9 ready to send as soon as the announcement is made. The person listed as “director” on the submission form must corroborate any change in the address or payee.

Top 20 Filmmakers will be required to include a modest, but visible, bug which will be supplied by the Louisiana Film Prize to include during the end credits for the screening at the film prize and all subsequent screenings and renditions of the film. This helps us reach more filmmakers in the future by waving the flag for the global filmmaking community to see, helping make the film prize family larger and more competitive.

Final films must be turned in by Friday, September 12, 2014, and should be submitted using the following deliverables:
- QuickTime Apple ProRes 422 (not HQ or Proxy) in native resolution (up to 2k) on a hard drive.

  • Dives should be clearly labeled with the film name, running time, and director
  • No memory cards or thumb drives will be accepted.
  • Drives should contain the final copy of the film and no other version.
  • If your film has a frame rate other than 23.976, you must label the hard drive and file as such. 
  • Do not add a leader or tail to your film. It will not be removed by festival staff.
  • Dialogue should be mixed at -18db
  • If your sound mix is 5.1, provide the  5.1 AC3 file and WAV stereo mix as well.

- Final Film description (50 words or less)
- Final Main production credits (director, writer, producer, composer, and main cast)
- Final Director’s headshot (digital, 4×6 portrait 300 dpi)
- Final Movie poster (27”x40” portrait 300dpi in PDF, TIFF, or JPEG format)
- Final Short director’s bio
- Final Five (5) stills from the film (no watermarks, digital at full resolution).

ALL PHYSICAL SUBMITTED MATERIALS (except hard drives) become the property of the Louisiana Film Prize. These materials will not be returned. By entering the competition, you acknowledge LAFP the right to, and you thereby grant a license to, copy any material for the festival’s use only. Hard drives will be available for pickup on LA Film Prize Weekend.
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Publicity and Licensing

The filmmaker gives the Film Prize Foundation permission to use their film and all submitted materials, including, but not limited to film stills, clips, descriptions, director’s image or likeness, in any and all forms of media at the discretion of the Film Prize Foundation.

LAFP Festival Weekend and Judging

LA Film Prize weekend occurs October 3-5th, 2014. The 20 finalists films will be judged and the Louisiana Film Prize will be awarded during Louisiana Film Prize Weekend.

An Official Jury, made up of artists, critics, writers, filmmakers, and educators views the public exhibition programs and award points to the films. Those points count for 50% of the final tally towards the winning film.

The other 50% of the final vote comes from the audience by popular decision. Any registered attendee may vote using their uniquely numbered festival badges. Attendees must be present at the Louisiana Film Prize Weekend and view all 2o films in order to vote. Attendees may only vote once.

We encourage filmmakers to bring their friends, family, and anyone they can find on the street to buy a ticket to the LA Film Prize Weekend and vote for their film. We encourage the finalists to hold parties, pass out fliers, grab people off the street. It’s up to you, but the more people that vote for your film, the more likely you are to win.

Criteria for consideration are:

Sound Design/Mixing
Overall Film

After voting closes, the tally will be counted, with the judges’ portion and popular vote portion added together to determine the LAFP winner.

Please contact us with any questions.
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