Louisiana Film Prize Announces Acting Nominees

The Best Actress and Best Actor nominations for the 2016 Louisiana Film Prize are in! This award is 100% audience vote (all names will appear on the Film Prize ballot).

The Best Actor & Best Actress winners will be announced at the Awards Brunch on Sunday, October 2nd. The winners will each receive a $1000 prize.

Best Actress Nominees

Lorna Street Dopson
The Fallen

June Murphy
Apocalypse Later

Alfrelynn Roberts
The Man from Mars

Diane Rose
Ya Albi (My Heart)

Kanesha Washington
The Stand
Frances Watson
The Importance of Sex Education
Celia Wingates
He Could’ve Gone Pro

Best Actor Nominees

Michael Baker
Sid and Marge Have a Problem

Robert G. Casiello
The Verses

Joe Doyle
St. Jude’s Crossing

Kojo Ennin

Chris Evans

Kemerton Hargrove
The 30 Year Deal

Jerry Leggio
Memorial Drive

Joe Ochterbeck
The Root Cellar

Cam Owen
American Pride

Paul Peterson

Keith Rushing
Somewhere Between
Heaven and Hell
Malachi Taylor
Ruthless: A Hip Hopera

cookiejar spot
Greg Washington
Cookie Jar
Danny Zanalotti
The Spot


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