CinemaBlend Writer and Judge Kristy Puchko Spotlights Louisiana Film Prize

We [HEART] Kristy Puchko!

We [HEART] Kristy Puchko!

It doesn’t take much to make us blush, but writer Kristy Puchko has us swooning. Kristy was gracious enough to give our festival a shot by saying ‘yes’ to being a festival judge at the 2013 Louisiana Film Prize. Our desire to make her, the filmmakers, audiences, and fellow judges feel welcome drives us to make the Film Prize something extraordinary knows no bounds. With all of that, it seems like we’ve made an impression. Here’s part of what she had to say about our humble festival:

In my experience smaller film festivals either focus on star-speckled indie features that will draw in audiences and please their cultural base, or they attempt to focus on the creatives within their own community, encouraging local culture with special awards and attention. LA Film Prize is the latter, but to a degree I have never seen before. Its model offers huge cash prizes, and an incredible ability to give back to the community. Filmmakers and other fests should take notice now. 

Her kind words and hope for the future of the festival are the kinds of things we hope to achieve with every decision and every action we take.

Read the entire article at CinemaBlend.

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