Filmmakers Head to Webster Parish to Shoot for LAFP 2013

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Webster Parish is showing up in a big way in short films as crews shoot entries for the 2013 Louisiana Film Prize.

“Webster Parish is a great place to film,” said Lynn Dorsey who aids film production in Webster Parish in her capacity as Executive Director for Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Our beautiful outdoors, charming communities and unique locations offer an abundance for filmmakers to choose from. Because we are accustomed to working with industry professionals, we know how to – and we want to aid them in any way.”

One filmmaker who recently filmed in the area is Jack Boubelik, who is from Elm Grove, and is majoring in film studies in Arizona.

“I was on my way to another location, closer to Lake Bistineau, when I passed this place,” Boubelik said of a building sitting on the property of Yellow Pine Inn and Bed and Breakfast. “Bill and Mary (McKinney, inn owners), said yes to letting us film and have been very helpful.”

The cast of Boubelik’s film stayed at Yellow Pine Inn while his crew stayed at his parent’s home.

“My crew and cast are all from Santa Fe and they have loved filming in this area,” Boubelik said. “The first thing they noticed was the humidity and several commented they weren’t having to use lotion or chap-stick. I’ve also heard several of them say how much they have enjoyed the food and hospitality. Everyone has been so accommodating from Yellow Pine Inn to Johnny’s Pizza, the cast and crew have really enjoyed their time here.”

Local producers have also utilized Webster Parish for their filming needs.

“This will be the second production I have filmed in Webster,” said filmmaker Phillip Jordan Brooks. “I have worked on several others here as well, such as Year One.”

Brooks is collaborating with Webster native Ejay Colvin.

“This collaboration is in pre-production right now,” Colvin said. “We want to film the entire production in Webster. People we have spoken to as we begin to secure locations have been very helpful.”

Brooks agrees with Colvin.

“This is a great area to film in,” he said.

Another Webster native who is also in pre-production is hoping to film near her hometown.

“Sikes Ferry is such a cool place,” said Jackie Lewis, who grew up in Webster Parish. “I’m looking forward to seeing landmarks of my youth come together with my screenplay.”

Full article at the Minden Press-Herald

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