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Orange Slate

St. Jude’s Crossing

When Police Officer Joe Hollis investigates a seemingly routine missing person’s report, he begins to relive the choices that led him to this moment, walking a thin line between life and death.

Directed By: Iddo Goldberg

Written By: Iddo Goldberg and Martin Ledwith

Produced By: Iddo Goldberg, Seth Gabel, and Bryan Delorenzo

Starring: Joe Doyle, Ashley Madekwe, Garrett Kruithof, and Seth Gabel

Director’s Bio: Actor Iddo Goldberg has been acting since his early 20’s.
He’s always loved the world of film and from a young age found magic and escape in it.
When most kids were at school, Iddo would be home, already sharpening his tools as an actor (pretending to be sick) so he could spend the day watching movies.

He’s gone on to appear in TV shows and films in the UK and the US.
He bought his first SLR camera in at the age of 22 and has since enjoyed taking pictures and framing images.
He directed his first short film in 2008 titled LUBA about and staring his maternal Grandmother, in which she reunites with her late husband in heaven.

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