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Orange Slate

The Spot

A quirky serial killer runs into a few hiccups when he tries to dispose of a body in what he thinks is the perfect spot.

Directed By: Marta Fabian; Guest Director: Limbert Fabian

Written By: Marta Fabian

Produced By: Marta Fabian

Starring: Cameron Martin and Danny Zanelotti

Director’s Bio: Not entirely a newbie to film making Marta Fabian gained experience as video editor on Hot On Homes; a home sales show in Dallas TX. She has participated in a few 24hour film races and always planned on writing something she did not have to produce in one day. Marta wrote her first screenplay earlier this year with aspirations to enter the Film Prize.

Limbert Fabian is an award winning director in animation and film. This project is the first produced with his wife, Marta.
They live in Shreveport with their 3 cubs.

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