How to Vote

YOU rock the vote!

Are you ready to make film history? The coolest part of the Louisiana Film Prize Festival Weekend is the unique way the audience affects the outcome. The voting system for the LAFP really is the heart of what makes the Louisiana Film Prize different from most festivals. It goes a little like this: The judges will see the films and vote for their favorites. Their vote accounts for only 50% of the total. Here’s the cool part: Each member of the audience, having seen the films, votes and that total is the other 50%. This means YOU, the audience member, have a huge say in who wins one of the biggest film prizes on the planet. The films will be broken up into several screening sessions, and each voter and judge must view all 20 films in order to vote. The power is in your hands!

We are also asking the filmmakers to make you a part of their process; to game the system by enticing you to vote for their film.  Every vote is a victory for the filmmaker, and it is the job of the filmmaker to make sure the audience truly considers their film, works to make them love it, and turns them into a champion for their project, gaining votes for the grand prize. It’s a chance for the filmmaker to stretch their marketing legs and find out what it really means to win the hearts and minds of audiences. Who knows? They may just try to buy you a beer for a vote – all’s fair in love and the Louisiana Film Prize.

To be counted, attendees must cast their vote in Festival Central by 1am on Saturday. And remember, it’s one ticket, one person, one vote. So make it count!




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