Introducing the Online Filmmaker Portal

Ahoy, Film Prize Nation!

Chris Lyon here, your Filmmaker Liaison. As you know, the Film Prize is always evolving. In 2012, we discovered that The Internet existed and we could do cool things like connect with amazing filmmakers like yourself. In 2016, we are taking mankind’s next great leap and are creating a new place online for registered filmmakers to gather their required materials for the festival. This system, which we are calling the Filmmaker Portal, will take place of the Qualification Disc and allow you to submit posters, images, cast, crew, loglines, and more all on our website.

In the Filmmaker Portal, you may start, save, or finish your portal at any point during the filming window and, once you’re all done, SUBMIT as your official information. Right now, the submit button is turned off, but about a month from the turn-in deadline we will enable the SUBMIT button. Once you submit, you will no longer be able to edit your portal, so make sure you’ve completed everything satisfactorily.

Here’s a video walk-through of how it all works:

At this point, you must still submit your rough cut on DVD by the deadline. Mostly this is because there are still far too many formats and compression settings that we don’t want to try to unify. DVD is just the tried and true way to get 125+ films in the same format. Maybe we’ll come up with something new in the future. But enough about tomorrow. Today, we think this exciting new system will give filmmakers the guidance and flexibility they need to turn in their supporting materials – a massive part of our contest rules.

Film Prize is always evolving, so thanks for taking this ride with us. If you have trouble with the portal, please don’t bang your keyboard on the desk. Just email me or give us a call (318.213.6437) and we’ll log in with you and help you out. I look forward to seeing all your work this year.


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