The Golden Reel Prize Returns: Kodak and Louisiana Film Prize for Projects Shot on Celluloid

The Louisiana Film Prize is noted for being the most awesome film competition on the planet. The rules are simple: Shoot a 5-15 minute short film in northwest Louisiana, and the film has a chance to win $50,000 in cash — one of the world’s largest cash prizes for a short film. So how could this competition get any more awesome? Check out the newest arrow to come out of the Louisiana Film Prize Quiver of Awesomeness: Welcome to the The Kodak® Film Prize Quest for the Golden Reel.

What is the Quest for the Golden Reel?

This is a new part of our competition sponsored by Kodak® and is reserved for filmmakers creating projects on celluloid. Filmmakers must follow all rules of the Film Prize ( Films will be judged by the Film Prize judges and a panel from Kodak®. All Kodak® Golden Reel projects will be considered for the $50,000 cash prize and for the special Kodak® Golden Reel prize.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter?

For you, the filmmaker shooting on Kodak® film? Nothing at all. You must register as soon as you can at and use the coupon code: “KodakFilmPrize” to waive all registration fees.

When is My Project Due?

All rough cuts are due at midnight on July 11, 2017. We know it’s quick, but it’ll be worth it. Think of it as a one-month race to the finish. Grab that 35mm, 16mm, or Super 8mm camera and film stock and get rolling!

Wow. That’s Fast! Will You Help Me?

Absolutely. The Louisiana Film Prize prides itself for helping out independent filmmakers. We can help with local talent, gear, and locations. If you’d like assistance, reach out to Chris Lyon at Thanks to Kodak®, the following facilities have verbally agreed to offer a discount for those teams shooting in either Super 8mm or 16mm film. You must be registered as a team and mention the Louisiana Film Prize in order to receive these special rates.

Ready to head to Shreveport-Bossier to enter the contest and dying to shoot on Super 8, but don’t have a camera? Not a problem, Kodak can loan you a Rhonda Cam while supplies last, so act now. If you’d like assistance, reach out to Chris Lyon at

Need to order film? Contact Kodak Representative, Mike Brown for a special Louisiana Film Prize pricing.

Kodak® Vendors

Photo by John Ryan Flaherty @johnryanfilms  of recording artist Lauren Jenkins @iamlaurenjenkins

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