LAFP 2014 Artist Spotlight: Bill Stinchcomb’s “The Road”


As the filmmakers descend on northwest Louisiana of film their Film Prize projects, we are hoping to keep you up to date with all the exciting action on the film sets. Today, Sabrina Adsit (LAFP Film Diva) takes us to the set of “The Road.” Sabrina sat down with Bill Stinchcomb, the director. The question is… Will ‘The Road” be competing in October for the $50,000? Stay tuned.

Sabrina: What is your film about?

Bill: The Road is about a serial killer, he kills people.

Sabrina: How did you come up with the idea for ‘The Road’?

Bill: I had to audition to get into classes at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC.  I chose a monologue from Down The Road by Lee Blessing.  The play deals with a couple interviewing a serial killer in prison in order to write a book about him.  My friend Dodie Brown was bugging me to write some content for us to do so one day on a plane an idea sparked and I started scribbling.  I’m a method actor so studying the play made me start to think along those lines and that was the inspiration for my script.  Our stories are not related or even similar, except for the whole killing thing.

Sabrina: Explain your filmmaking process..

Bill:  You are assuming I actually have one.  I proposed this whole thing to my friends as an exercise.  Most of us involved in this are working actors but wanted to learn more about the business than acting.  Because there is a whole lot more to making a film than just acting.  So I wrote it, everyone seemed to like it and then the collaborative creative process started. Everybody involved brings their special expertise to the table and we’re sharing that, we’re cross training, as it were.   It’s meant to be an educational process.  Long story short, learn something you do not know.  We’re not letting anyone get away with “just acting”.

Sabrina: Why is something like the Film Prize important to you?

Bill: I think the Film Prize is getting a lot of people off their asses.  People are giving it a shot.  Anything that fosters the creative spirit in this community is a positive thing.

Sabrina: What would you do with the $50,000 prize if you win it?

Bill:  I don’t think any of us are making our short in hopes of winning big money.  We’re creating our form of art, if the only reason we’re doing it is to get a bunch of money then we could just buy some lottery tickets and save ourselves a shit ton of work. The experience is what is important.  A prize would be nice but it’s not our reason for doing this. The reward is creating a film that is worthy of the prize.   If we win, I want everyone to get paid for the time they put in according to union guide lines and expenses will be reimbursed .  Then we’ll reinvest what’s left into continuing the exercise.

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