Location, Location: Call Us to Unlock Northwest Louisiana’s Vast Array of Filming Spots

As people begin to descend on Northwest Louisiana, some of our favorite phone calls are about finding locations. Restaurants, streets, parks, homes, commercial and industrial property, landscapes, studios, stages, and more. Shreveport-Bossier and the surrounding Louisiana Film Prize-approved parishes (what counties are called in Louisiana) are packed full of great shooting locations and over the years, our staff has become increasingly aware of exactly how much there is here. There’s no reason to compromise – these locations are the real deal. Unless you’re looking for the Rocky Mountains or a polar ice cap, we’ve got you covered. Even then, creating something from nothing may very well be feasible – even on a shoestring budget.


Exhibit A: In Louisiana, not an actual desert.

Recently, a filmmaker called the office asking if they could shoot in Texas for a desert scene. They were really concerned whether they could even do their project in Louisiana. But there was no need to fret. Within minutes of getting the call, the Film Prize team sent several options for shooting in NWLA including a vast area of sand and dunes in Sibley, about 30 minutes away from downtown Shreveport and well within the required filming zone. The film crew was elated saying “We can make that work….you rock!” It’s hard to argue with such enthusiasm.

This particular story of discovery is just one of dozens like it we’ve encountered in the last four years of our festival. We rarely get complaints that people can’t find what they need, and usually that complaint comes when someone hasn’t called us to ask us to help. Louisiana Film Prize is not like other festival and contests. Since one of our rules is filming in the region, we would be remiss if we didn’t help you get on track. We are happy to take phone calls, emails all day long to help you out. You’re not alone!

There’s a really great resource on Shreveport-Bossier’s website of filming locations in the area. Click here to see the database. I’ve included a small sample gallery of some locations within the shooting zone that I think are pretty awesome. We will be posting more cool location articles in the future that might inspire a script idea, a scene change, or just plain convince you to do a Film Prize project in the first place.

If you need help, please contact Chris Lyon, the Filmmaker Liaison, at chris@lafilmprize.com.

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