Writes: ‘We’re Calling It Now: The Next Big Filmmaker Is Coming From This Festival’

Festival judge and fan Katie Calautti wrote an awesome perspective on what she thinks LAFP means for filmmakers everywhere. Here’s the first few graphs:

So where’s the next big filmmaker starting out? The Louisiana Film Prize in Shreveport, LA. The festival – a city-wide extravaganza feting a competition among 20 short films by directors from across the country – also includes a Music Prize, Startup Prize and Food Prize. Think: a small-scale SXSW, plus heaps of southern hospitality.

The winner of the Film Prize receives $50,000 and – along with the other four highest judge-and-audience-voted films – gets iTunes distribution once their short is done touring various festivals, which sets them on a path for an even bigger honor: the Academy Award (more on that later). And the Prize plays host to surprising talent: this year, one of my fellow judges was actor Kevin Rahm (who you may know as Ted Chaough from “Mad Men“), and actress Tamzin Merchant – whose directorial debut “American Virgin” placed in the top five – currently stars in “Salem.”

After the whirlwind weekend-long festival wrapped, I caught up with some of the Prize’s budding talent: Alexander Jeffrey, who helmed this year’s outstanding Prize-winning film, “The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy,” along with Merchant and fellow top five-placing director Travis Champagne of “Jackdaw,” to talk everything from turning the tables on a former teacher to directing Jonathan Bennett (aka Aaron Samuels from “Mean Girls”) to (literally) putting a price on virginity to seeking influence from the Coen brothers. Prepare to say you knew all this emerging talent way back when a short film festival in Shreveport placed them on the road to the Oscars.

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