PoeticX Speaks Volumes about the Louisiana Film Prize 2013

Read the words of Film Prize poet laureate PoeticX from the 2013 Top 20 announcement and the 2013 Awards Ceremony below! Powerful stuff.


What if? Just what if? If you could travel to one place. where chances are, you could reach upon a star and not one single star would seem outer space. Cause space … would have a home of  its own and the moment you enter, every breath, every movement, every idea, every script, every pause, every break, every take, every clip will be waiting on your call. Two much of nothing equals nothing. Might as well go for it all. Put it all on the line. A blank screen listens to no dreams. NO. Not until you speak your mind. Truth be told. some stories have to be spoke a 1,000 times, and time ain’t standing still. Your film is your film the way you feel is real. When asked the question, “How does one see outside the box?” I’m compelled to tell just how well passion and purpose interlock. How DNA finds away to play together, how a short film can grow outside of its realm if we just stay together, and film could have a home of its own. Where filmmakers are appreciated and film crews are left alone. To warp into the coolest film festival on the planet. Pick up a camera- capture panorama- No excuses. I believe this is Northwest Louisiana. Film Capital, Platform. Comedy, Romance, Horror, Action, Science Fiction, somethings missing. Don’t forget to blow your horn. Another star has been born. Congratulations on coming into the light. Waiting on names to be called like Graduation Night. So what if you don’t make the first cut. You don’t quit!  The Celebration. The Pain. It’s all a part of the game. LouisianaFlimPrize. com. That’s it! 50,000 cash, Itune Distribution, Festival Pass, tote bags,a shot glass, snap a shot. We traveling first class. The ‘Lyon’. ‘The Festival Imp.’  ‘The Hurricane’  ‘Festival Badass’. Plus a Kallenberg. BOOM!!! just make the words last. Hash Tags #forever #community #creativity #energized #unity. What if ? Just what if ? If missing puzzle pieces weren’t gone to find pieces they were right here. When asked the question, ‘How one see outside the box?’ I’m compelled to tell just how well Purpose and Passion interlock. That makes out of space become crystal clear. Then you can warp into the coolest film festival on the planet. Where not only can you empower a dream. You have the power to plant it and the audience can watch it grow and they too will be moved to write a script and whatever they write will be guided by light. Every idea, Every break, Every take, Every clip. Ready to record , Ready to capture the prize. Polarized right in front of they eyes like a Polaroid………. “@TheAnnoucement.”

Lights, Camera, Action 2

Well,Well,Well. It’s about that time. Time for the main event! That time you’ve replayed over and over in your mind. The big dollar signs,the inevitable intent. The incredible  feeling you get. Knowing something surreal is about to happened. The tapping of the sub-conscious. The lights, the cameras, the action. The Photoshop for a filmmakers satisfaction. Ones mental imagery can come to light. Lights, Camera, Action. Let the world see what your film is like! Show them what it is like to have a passion that surpasses perception. Tapping into lost souls got us flipping through film collections, Different complexions. With glory sitting on the edge of it’s seat. You’ll also find Necrophilia: A Love Story. Keep Casting, Dig Deep. It’s the the will power of he or she that dares to imagine. Sometimes characters and roles have to pay the tolls. Just ask Ruby the Dragon. We keep asking… Does a film prize really exist? Can cash be carved out of a projection screen? Or, are Clowns and Robbers playing a role in this? Only one sure way to see, submit a short film, and let Patience be.Because, transformers are born out of the unexpected. Traveling down memory lane.Sorting through the Self-storage we’ve collected. Precious property can share with family and friends. Something Sci-Fi like The Elysian Equation being controlled by the camera lens. Since creation is subject to change. Let the evolution be polite.Samson, Let the world see what your film is like! Beauty in a red dress. Empress. We don’t want to break up. Attached  to the synopsis, driving 5 Courses is why we attached to the populace. It’s a writing utensil inside of the mental, experimental, computer savvy. If you can manage to get a clear vantage, you can drive like Cabbie. When its right,write it down or you can be waiting. Seventeen Summers for it to turn around.To make matters worst, The Curators might have you kidnapped or cursed. All in the name of love. Ask El Gato,  he had a feline put cat talk in his mind and nearly forgot who his girlfriend was.Someone is looking for love with no light. Silo, let the world see what your film is like. The thrill of the chase. Tennis shoes laced. Hoping to catch the Running Girl who keeps passing my place. I’ve devised a mighty fine plan. Turn up the power, when she see’s what I’ve written in the flowers, she’ll call me Lineman, and relationship counseling in the Stall will be a thing of the past. The promise of The Hummingbird will fly to us fast. And others will be able to flip through our film collection, vibrating from the frequencies in
which we’ve recorded our love connection. Took advantage of the Last Call. Travis Champagne, The Sound of Trains. Buttercups, Stellar Artois for the hiccups. We enjoyed them all. Every summer filmmakers get away to escape, to find that road. The Red RiverOde that leads to something great. A Film Prize  really does exist,and you are really playing the star role in this.Well scripted, so bright. Viva La Film Prize! Let the world see what your film is like!

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