Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 29

The festival starts at 6pm on Thursday, October 1st with the Louisiana Music Prize at Voodoo Cafe. There will be the first opportunity for you to trade your ticket for a festival pass, and attend a great music event with six great bands from across the region in a smoke-free environment.

Voodoo Cafe
6:00p Doors Open for Music Prize: Emerging Artist Showcase
7:00p First Band Plays
8:00p Second Band Plays
9:00p Third Band Plays
10:00p Fourth Band Plays
11:00p Fifth Band Plays
12:00a Award Ceremony

Friday, September 30

On Friday morning at 9am, the ticket/pass exchange will re-open at Tipitina’s Music Co-Op (700 Texas Street) and films begin Friday morning at 10am. From that point forward, films will screen nonstop at the five venues around downtown Shreveport and Bossier City. You may pick any screening you’d like to attend, but remember, theaters fill up fast – so remember to show up early and be ready to wait (and have some unscheduled fun in the process). You may vote only after you have seen all 20 films. The 20 films are separated into slates of 10 films each which are called “Orange” and “Teal.” Find out which films are on which slates by visiting the films page.

Central Artstation Robinson Film Center Underground Theater Capri Theater Bossier Arts Council Festival Events Filmmaker Interviews
9:00a Ticket Booth Opens
10:00a Teal
10:15a Orange
10:30a Teal
10:45a Orange
1:00p Orange
1:15p Teal
1:30p Orange Orange
1:45p Teal
2:00p Frank Spiro, Apocalypse Later
2:30p Jency Hogan, The Verses
3:00p Voting Opens Colby Doler, Hangman
3:30p L. Elizabeth Powers,
The Importance of Sex Education
4:00p Teal Calvin O’Neal, Jr., Cookie Jar
4:15p Orange
4:30p Teal Teal Travis Champange, Native
4:45p Orange
5:00p Music Prize:
Indie Collission
(Aura Lounge til 11p)
Tamzin Merchant, American Pride
5:30p Travis Bible, The 30 Year Deal
7:00p Orange Food Prize:
Golden Fork Cookoff
(Fest Central til 8pm)
7:15p Teal
7:30p Orange Orange
7:45p Teal
8:00p Catherine Hatcher,
Sid & Marge Have a Problem
8:30p Iddo Goldberg, St. Jude’s Crossing
10:00p Teal
10:15p Orange
10:30p Teal
10:45p Orange
1:30a Voting Closes Friday

Saturday, October 1

Saturday, the ticket/pass exchange opens at 8am. Screenings begin at 9 and rotate all day long. You must have voted by the end of the festival day on Saturday night for your ballot to count!

Central Artstation Robinson Film Center Underground Theater Capri Theater Bossier Arts Council Festival Events Filmmaker Interviews
8:00a Ticket Booth and Voting Opens
9:00a Orange
9:15a Teal
9:30a Orange
9:45a Teal
10:00a Film Prize U:
Industry Panels
(Remington til 1pm)
12:00p Teal
12:15p Orange
12:30p Teal Teal
12:45p Orange
2:00p Music Prize U:
Industry Panels
(Remington til 4pm)
Jonnie Stapleton,
The Man From Mars
2:30p Marta Fabian, The Spot
3:00p Orange Alexander Jeffrey, Memoir
3:15p Teal
3:30p Orange Orange McGhee Montheith,
He Could’ve Gone Pro.
3:45p Teal
4:00 Christine Chen, Ya Albi
4:30 Kyle Kleineke, The Root Cellar
5:00 Music Prize: Extravaganza
(Revel til 10pm)
Eva Contis, The Stand
5:30 Lorna Dopson, The Fallen
6:00p Teal Tanesha Morris,
Ruthless: A Hip Hopera
6:15p Orange
6:30p Teal Teal Austin Alward, Memorial Drive
6:45p Orange
7:00p Andrew Librizzi,
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
9:00p Orange
9:15p Teal
9:30p Orange
9:45p Teal
10:30p Big Exhale Toast
Prize Afterparty
(Aura Lounge til ???)
12:30a Final Voting Closes

Sunday, October 2

Sunday, we will announce the winner in a live stream online, right here at

11:00a Awards Bruncheon Begins at Remington Suites – VIPs and Filmmakers Only
11:55p Live stream will begin on
12:00p Awards Ceremony Begins
1:00p We will know the winner of Louisiana Film Prize 2016!

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