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The Gregory Kallenberg

Film Prize Executive Director


Gregory Kallenberg — Most recently, Gregory has had the honor of touring with “Haynesville” and discussing the film around the globe.  He has shown the film in Europe and all over the United States with the goal of getting people to think deeper about energy, its human cost and how to move towards a clean energy future.  Kallenberg’s background is in film and writing, with a focus in journalism and television. Prior to filmmaking, he wrote for Esquire, The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Austin American Statesman’s XL magazine and other publications. Mr. Kallenberg also developed stories and wrote for Bluefield Productions, an award-winning company producing shows for History Channel, A&E and others.  Kallenberg attended the University of Texas and received a Bachelor of Science in film. Kallenberg also attended the film program at the University of Southern California.  Prior to “Haynesville”, Gregory directed Eating Levi, an internationally successful film about Levi Oliver and his quest for competitive eating fame.


The Chris Lyon

Film Prize Director


Chris Lyon — Chris is an up-and-comer in the editing world and has handled Haynesville like a pro. When not in the editing room, Lyon also works on feature film and network television sets. He has found himself on various levels of production with companies such as Secret Identity Productions (6 Month Rule), 20th Century Fox/ABC (“The Gates”), and SPEED Channel (“PINKS All-Out“). When it comes to film, Chris is also fiercely independent. He has self- produced several shorts and features (including the recently completed post-apocalyptic drama Stay With Me) and has proven to be an essential supporting character – willing to assist in everything from camera and production work to editing and graphic design – in the burgeoning Louisiana independent film scene.





The Cazes Verbois

Event Coodinator


Cazes Verbois — Born in fire, Cazes Verbois is the greatest hero to come along since Spiderman. This young man is of many talents and crafts. With an infinite knowledge of music, the odd skill of rod puppeteering, and his notable talent to do make anyone laugh, this man has the powers to make the Louisiana Film Prize the best thing ever.

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