Team Film Prize Launches Instagram Contest! Giveaways include tickets, swag, and more.

We’ve brought back the LAFP Instagram Contest for 2014, and this year we’re turning it on its head! Take a look at how to participate with the information below!

How to Enter:

Want a chance to win tickets, swag, and other cool stuff? Here’s how!

  1. Take a creative photo of a Top 20 poster and upload it to Instagram – put yourself or friends in the picture if you can!
  2. Tag it with @LAFILMPRIZE and #FindTheFilmPrize
  3. Capture as many LAFP posters as you can by September 12th.
  4. Win Prizes!

What You Can Win!

Find (and properly tag) 5 Film Prize Movie Posters
Win a Free Festival Pass

Be One of the First Two to Find All 20 Movie Posters
Win 2 Free Festival Passes Lunch with the Top 20 Filmmakers A Swag Bag Full of Merch

Strike a Pose!


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