This Year, it’s Bigger and Better.


Ahoy, Filmmakers!

In 2012 there were 83 films from all over the country that entered the Louisiana Film Prize. Come festival time, over 1700 people packed the theaters to see the Top 20 Film Prize Films and a fantastic time was had by all. In fact, last year’s contest and festival was so successful that we’re back for year two which promises to be a bigger, better, more bad-ass experience.

Summing it up… It’s going to be a kick-ass festival weekend. You want to be a part of it.

In 2013, the first thing we did was add more prizes. We’re still giving away one of the largest cash prizes in the world for a short film – $50,000, but we’re also stepping up with more filmmaking grants. This year we’re giving away five $3,000 grants towards the 2014 contest. We’ve also struck a deal with Shorts International – the distribution company for the Oscar shorts. They are going to take the top five films from this year’s LAFP and give them distribution deals to places like iTunes. But we didn’t stop there. This year, the top five films are also going to have festival appearances in Dallas, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Memphis. All in all, this means that there could be up to 10 winners at this year’s festival instead of four last year. We’d call that a significant bump in chances of winning.

Summing it up… We’re giving away a lot of amazing stuff. Prize money, distribution, festivals.

Second thing we’re doing is preparing for a larger festival. More venues, more parties, more special events, panel discussions, interviews, and beyond. We are bringing in more national-level judges and are working on new ways to share the festival experience and your experience making film with the world. It’s going to be bigger, more refined, and – as always – the filmmaker is king.

We’re really jazzed about the films that have registered so far. Yet again we have filmmakers from all over the country descending on Northwest Louisiana to make a film and take a shot at the big prize. Are you one of them? If not, now’s the time to get going. You have a little more than two months to the rough cut deadline on midnight the night of July 9th.

Summing it up… You’re an idiot if you don’t try. Sign up, grab a camera, make it happen!

Register today at If you’ve already registered, be sure to call us to let us know what you need or to let us know when you’re filming so we can come visit you on set. If you’ve already filmed, check out the dates and guidelines for turning in your rough cut, and be sure to send us some photos from your production!

Summing it up… Let us know if you need anything.
We are here to help.



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