Dear Filmmaker Who Has Yet to Apply for the Louisiana FIlm Prize,

What are you thinking?

You say you want to create film, you tell your buddies (and potential mates) you are a filmmaker and you know you’ve had that awesome idea in your head for months. So what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting on an incentive to put together your friends and/or colleagues and/or petulant siblings to get started? Well, the Louisiana Film Prize has one: How about $50,000?

While I don’t want to be the Great Santini on this, I’m going to be the Great Santini on this: If you truly have a passion for filmmaking and are interested in scoring a ton of cash for your work, then get off your ass and get moving! The deadline for rough cuts is July 9, and I fully expect for you to be handing me a DVD with glimmeringly awesome Louisiana Film Prize project.

Now, get up and go! VIVA LA FILM PRIZE!

Your Taskmaster,

Gregory Kallenberg

PS – I’ve included this link for inspiration.


Dear Filmmaker Who is About to Film (or filming) His/Her LAFP Project,

You are what it’s all about. An indie filmmaker making it happen. We salute you and your effort.

You know, you’re walking in the footsteps of some of the great filmmakers who started with shorts. Who? Do you know these guys. They started with a short, were discovered by Kit Carson and the rest is history.

All fawning aside, is there anything you need from us? Remember, we’re here to help and to assist you however we can. We want to make the Shreveport/Bossier area your backlot. Need a cool diner? Go to Strawn’s on King’s. Want a gothic mansion? Check out the houses on Fairfield. Need alligators and a camel? Do you think that stumps us? Check out

Good luck with your filming. We respect the hell out of you. VIVA LA FILM PRIZE!

Your Pal,



Dear Filmmaker Who Has Finished His/Her Film for the LAFP,

Damn. Good work. Congrats. Kudos. Gold star in the right corner of your paper!

Do you realize that you’re ahead of the game? We’re not here to tell you your business, but you now have time to finely tune your project, start beating your promotional drum and to start thinking about how you’re going to spend that cash.

As you edit your project, have you thought about:

– Creating a trailer? We will post your trailer on our site and consider it to be featured on our Facebook page. Check out this dude for tips.

– Launching a Facebook page? Remember, part of this is a popularity contest (50% of the final voting is public opinion), so the more you get your name out there, the better. Here’s some essential insight on Facebook friends.

– Thought about a strategy to promote your project in the Shreveport/Bossier area? When you’re in town, meet people, tell them who you are, make a good impression. These are the people who will, ultimately, be helping you win the LAFP blue ribbon lifting you to victory.

Good luck and VIVA LA FILM PRIZE!

Your Biggest Fan,

Gregory Kallenberg

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Friends of the Film Prize

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