Update 4-23-2012

OK! Howdy-doo neighbors!

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote to you and I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening at the LAFP Office

Not two weeks ago I traveled with my colleague/friend/brother-in-arms Chris Lyon (Gregory stayed back at the ranch and feasted on unleavened bread) to the far distant lands of New Orleans and Dallas to speak about the Louisiana Film Prize to aspiring filmmakers. Thanks to the wonderful people at the New Orleans Film Society and as well as The Dallas Film Society, (big props out to Jolene, Jacky, Raquel and Bart) we were able to host a get-together for the filmmakers of the area. It was shocking when a group of people walked up to me (whom I had never seen before) and said “your Cazes right? With the La Film Prize?” Never in my life have I been recognized like that. Needless to say, my head swelled. (How do you spell “narcissism”? C-A-Z-E-S).

At the respective parties we had many groups of interested filmmakers come up and talk to us asking all sorts of questions about the LAFP. My favorite questions spanned from “Are there any abandon buildings I could explode?” to “Do you think they will let me land a plane on the interstate?” So let’s just say the answer to those questions are a definitely maybe.

This past week we have had a few filmmakers both from NOLA and Dallas come and take a tour of our lovely city and parishes. The crew from Dallas who you saw in the LAFP iPhone interview (The Devil Has My Ear crew) came up and stayed three days just touring the city and getting to know the beautiful people of Northwest Louisiana. It’s so amazing to see their enthusiasm for the Film Prize and for our region.

We have also had the pleasure of visiting other filmmakers and seeing what they have been up to. We have got a good selection of Artist Spotlights coming up in the next few weeks. Gregory, Chris, and myself are so excited to see so much work being put into the films. We think it’s great to see the community and filmmakers getting involved and getting to one another. This Film Prize has reached further than we have ever thought it could and it exceeds our expectations on a daily basis.

The days ahead are looking bright and we am super excited to see more and more registrations come our way. We have had a lovely crew of people supporting our project such as Brooks, April, Kathy, Angie, Ian, and well everybody who we talk to. Their support makes everything worth while! We are very confident that the films and future festival weekend are going to blow your socks off…wait. “Blow your socks off? Really?” Let me try again. The films and festival weekend are going to melt your mind, give you pure ecstasy, and make you shudder with awe-inspiring orgasmic eye-popping excitement. “A little over-board, but ok….”

So, I hope that fills you in on what we are doing. So be on the lookout for great things in the near future and keep checking in with us on Facebook and Twitter. Remember the deadline for Submissions is July 9th and we are taking registrations everyday.

Viva La Film Prize!

Cazes Verbois

Do you want to be an artist in our spotlight? Email cazes@lafilmprize.com and maybe he will make all of your dreams come true!

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