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Since the early 2000s, Louisiana has been growing as a destination for studio and independent films. Last year, we became the number one destination for filmmaking in the world, producing one of the biggest and most diverse filmmaking resumes anywhere outside of Hollywood, New York, and Vancouver. Many films you will see in 2015 were produced here – from Terminator: Genisys to Jurassic World. If you’re a filmmaker, you need to be eyeing Louisiana. Not because of the tax credits, but because this is where it’s all happening. Louisiana is the new Hollywood, where dreams can – and do – become reality.

In 2012, we started the contest known as the Louisiana Film Prize to entice you, the filmmakers of the world, to visit northwest Louisiana to get a taste of the state, the opportunities, and to offer you a chance to jump start your career with one of the largest cash prizes for a film anywhere in the world – $50,000 cash, no strings attached. In 2013, we introduced the distribution component where you can win distribution deals on iTunes and other VOD services along with automatic festival appearances around the country meaning your film in front of more eyes. In 2014, over 104 teams registered to compete and we saw record attendance at our festival.

We are incredibly excited to announce the Louisiana Film Prize 2015 where we will continue to grow the opportunities for you as a filmmaker by continuing to provide unheard-of amounts of production support – from helping you find locations, to facilitating the distribution of calls for cast and crew, to equipment rentals and beyond. And, once you’ve finished and if you’re accepted into the festival, we will show your work before an audience most other festivals can’t even begin to promise you – thousands of captive audience viewers and prizes that would make anyone jealous. Shreveport, Bossier City, and the northwest Louisiana area are primed and ready for you to explore your creativity, to meet new challenges head on, and to go for the gold to win $50,000 cash.

Team Film Prize welcomes you to the fray and wishes you the best of luck in your race for the prize.

Gregory Kallenberg, Executive Director
Chris Lyon, Filmmaker Liaison

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