Why Do We Drink Tequila in the Prize Family?

or “¿Por qué beber tequila en la Familia Prize?”

by Sabrina Adsit

When Gregory came to us and proposed these blog posts, I knew I had better start brainstorming the perfect topics. And, in good ol’ Louisiana Film Prize fashion, I thought, “What’s a good idea if it didn’t spawn from a late night driven by the sweet nectar de agave we like to call… tequila?” It was in that moment that I decided to support a little piece of Film Prize tradition with none other than pure science.

At every event the Film Prize Family hosts, we either begin, or end with a toast and tequila shot. Many of you ask “Why tequila?” Two words: Gregory Kallenberg. A world-renowned tequila connoisseur, he even asked me if I liked the stuff during my first job interview. Of course, like any good interviewee I smiled and politely said “Absolutely!” Of course I was really thinking, “Absolutely… in a margarita!”

So here we are, 4 years later, and I’ve finally realized why Gregory chose tequila to be the official drink of the Louisiana Prize family. Like the Louisiana Film Prize, tequila has been proven to be good for your health. Really, it’s science! From helping lower blood sugar and treating colds, to relaxing you and helping you sleep… it’s everything a filmmaker needs! And alas, tequila has been proven to earn your carrier respect when you show up with a bottle of it to an event. Especially a Louisiana Film Prize event (see #13 in the article I have provided a link to below). Also, neither I nor the Louisiana Film Prize condones or supports the use of #8.

So, while you’re shooting your film, keep in mind one thing: if you get invited back for the Louisiana Film Prize Festival and aren’t a fan of tequila… let’s hope you’ve got room for improvement.

15 Reasons Tequila is Actually Really Freaking Good For You

*Drink responsibly! Get a cab, don’t be a jerk.

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