YAHOO NEWS: New Louisiana Film Prize Offers Lottery-Sized Jackpot

As the title says, we are offering up a Lottery-Sized Jackpot! Check out this awesome article by Yahoo! in their voices section. This is beyond cool.

COMMENTARY | This year marks the inauguration of the Louisiana Film Prize, which is a competition for independent filmmakers offering a top prize of $50,000 for a short (5-15 minute) narrative film. This prize is one of the largest in the world for a short film. The only rule is that the films in the competition must be shot in the Shreveport/Bossier, La., area.

I talked to Gregory Kallenberg, who is the Director of the Louisiana Film Prize and asked him for some details on the competition. Gregory is a documentary filmmaker himself and his past projects include “Eating Levi,” a film about competitive eater Levi Oliver and “Haynesville,” which looks at the natural gas boom in Louisiana.

I first met Gregory just after he released “Haynesville.” I also have an interest in cleaner, alternative fuels and, in addition to being a writer, I do digital promotions for independent artists. When he told me about the Louisiana Film Prize I was happy to become involved in getting the word out about the competition.

I asked Gregory to give me some more details on the film prize:…….. 

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